Fjell & Fjord highlights

Trolltunga, Hardangerfjord - Harald Hognerud The best travel destination in the world is closer than you think. In 2009, National Geographic magazine rated the Norwegian fjords the world’s best travel destination. Combined with magnificent mountains, high waterfalls, vast glaciers and a rich cultural tradition, the Fjell & Fjord region is a treasure trove that will take your breath away. Both young and old will have an adventure of a holiday - whether it is adrenaline-packed outdoor activities, or meeting the fascinating animal life and exploring the rich traditions in food and culture.

Vassfaret Bear Park - Flå
Get up close to bears, elk, roe deer etc. at the Bear Park. Daily guiding provides an opportunity to participate in feeding the animals, solve rebuses and follow the nature trails through the park. Enjoy the family show Hakkebakke Forest, and see the five wonderful bear cubs that were born in spring.

E.K.T. Langedrag Nature Park - Nesbyen
Experience close contact with wild animals!  There are 25 different species at Langedrag, among them wolves, lynx, arctic foxes, elk, horses and goats.

Tropicana Badeland - Gol
Norway's largest combined indoor and outdoor water park! You are sure to get butterflies on one of the two mega-slides with a spiral tunnel and cool lighting effects.

Rallarvegen - The Navvy Road
The Navvy Road is rated Norway’s most beautiful cycling route. The road goes through a dramatic, lush and challenging landscape that offers culture, history and unique outdoor experiences from the mountains to the fjords.

Hardangervidda National Park
Hardangervidda is Norway’s largest national park and offers many lakes, waterfalls and a unique animal life including wild reindeer, snow owls and arctic foxes.

Norway’s most renowned waterfall with a total fall of 182 metres, and free fall of 145 metres. There is a fantastic view from Fossetromma.

Hardangerjøkul and Folgefonna (National Park) are two glaciers you can visit with 
organised glacier-hiking trips. Hike on the special blue ice with competent guides who will introduce you to a very special outdoor experience. Folgefonna also offers skiing throughout the summer.

The Flåm Railway
One of Norway’s greatest and most spectacular tourist attractions. A unique train ride that takes you from the high mountains all the way down to Sognefjord.

Nærøyfjord – The UNESCO World Heritage List
Nærøyfjord has been rated the world's best-preserved travel destination. This arm of Sognefjord is, at its smallest, only 250 metres wide with peaks rising to over 1500 masl.  Enjoy the day on a ferry trip or fjord cruise, kayaking or on safari in an inflatable speedboat.

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