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10 Iconic Walks

“10 Iconic Walks” are hiking trips you should not miss! Experience the diversity of glaciers, mountains and fjords.


Norefjell is located less than 2 hours from Oslo, and from the top of Høgevarde, there is a view over large parts of Eastern Norway. There are marked trails to Quality Spa & Resort, so your trip can end with well-deserved rest and relaxation in the spa department.

Distance: 13 km   Duration: 4.5 hrs.

Degree of difficulty: Average


Follow the marked nature trail through Vassfaret’s protected landscape area (820-1020 masl), where you can discover traces of forestry and mountain farm operations as well as old settlements. 20 information boards and 38 signs describe Vassfaret's natural history, geology and plant life.

Distance: 16 km   Duration: 6 hrs.

Degree of difficulty: Average

 Vassfaret, Flå

Hallingnatten is a relatively easily accessible summit that on clear days provides a complete panorama of Hallingskarvet, the Hemsedal Mountains and Gaustatoppen. This trip also offers good opportunities to see wild reindeer in their natural element.

Distance: 5 km   Duration: 3 hrs.

Degree of difficulty: Average
 Hallingnatten Nesbyen


Summit trip for the entire family. The trip starts at Storefjell Resort. Follow trails to Veslefjell (1126 masl), or head straight for Storefjelltoppen. From here, there is a magnificent view over Jotunheimen, Hemsedalsfjellet and Hallingskarvet.

Distance: 3-6 km   Duration: 1-3 hrs.

Degree of difficulty: Easy


From the summit of Ranastøngji, there is a fantastic view over Jotunheimen, Hurrungane and the Jostedal glacier. Just behind the summit is a very special canyon that has a shear drop of approx. 600 m. Ranastøngji is one of the 20 mountain summits in Hemsedal's hiking programme, "Top 20 summits".

Distance: 12 km   Duration: 6 hrs.

Degree of difficulty: Requires endurance
 Ranastøgnji Hemsedal


Memorable high-mountain hiking in Skarvheimen, Ål, surrounded by magnificent nature. Well-marked trails from Toviken via Klevahytta to Iungsdalshytta and back to Toviken. Meals and overnight accommodation can both to be found at Iungsdalshytta. A return trip by boat to Toviken is an experience in itself.

Distance: 12 km   Duration: 4.5 hrs.

Degree of difficulty: Average



This summit trip from Geilo to Prestholtskarvet is a true, national park classic. Begin the trip with a visit to Prestholtseter, where locally produced mountain farm fare may be enjoyed. Follow the unique stone steps, constructed according to true Nepalese traditions of craftsmanship, to the summit at 1959 masl.

Distance: 3 km   Duration: 2 hrs.

Degree of difficulty: Average  



Equipped with the crampons, ice axe and rope issued to you, draw in over the white glacier and search for high ice towers, azure blue glacial water and deep ice valleys. Surrounding Folgefonna are the mighty fjords, providing a fantastic backdrop for the trip. This is an experience for everyone who is in generally good physical shape. For more information and booking, please contact Folgefonni Breførarlag.

Distance: -    Duration: 5 hrs.

Degree of difficulty: Average



Wrapped in legends, Arlandsdal provides one of Norway’s most popular hiking trips. On this trip from the high mountains to the fjord, enjoy the beautiful, wild nature – rich in plant and animal life, cultural monuments, history and a diverse geology. A must for hiking enthusiasts!

Distance: 20 km (Østerbø – Vassbygdi)  

Duration: 7 hrs.   Degree of difficulty: Requires endurance

 Vandring i Aurlandsdalen


Halne-­Rauhelleren-­Heinseter­-Halne. This 3-day round trip through Northern Europe’s largest high mountain plateau is perfect for those who are new to the mountains, or who wish to walk for shorter stretches between serviced cabins. The trip starts and ends with a pleasant boat trip over Halnefjord.

Distance: 38 km 15/16/7 km   Duration: 4.5/4.5/3 hrs.

Degree of difficulty: Average


Norwegian public rights
Remember that in Norway, good use can be made of public rights. This legislation allows us to move freely in Norwegian nature. However, there are several things you ought to know while on a trip, whether it is by foot, bike or on skis, if it is to pick berries and flowers, or should you want to set up your tent. Read more about this at public rights.

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