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Stavloftet, Hallingdal Museum - Nesbyen

Hallingdal Museum
Hallingdal Museum represents all of Hallingdal there are branches in Nesbyen, Gol, Hemsedal, Ål, Hol and Dagali. 
Activity day at the Hallingdal Museum, Nesbyen
Experience a living museum! Step back in time and actively participate in life in the past. There are several activities especially arranged for children. 
Hallinglass Glassblåseri, Gol
Take part in this magical art design and blow your own glass. 
Ål Cultural Centre and Nesch Museum
The regional Ål Cultural Centre with the Nesch museum, Gallery Syningen and the floral-paiting museum Hallingrosa.
Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter
The vessel preservation centre in Hardanger is a living museum that prioritises activities. Every Wednesday and Thursday you can accompany the cutter "Vikingen" on a fishing trip. 
Norwegian museum of Hydropower and Industry
The Norwegian museum of Hydropower and Industry is presenting the history through the industry villages Odda and Tyssedal. 
Hardanger Folkemuseum
The main museum with its exhibition and administration building is at Utne. Changing art and cultural history exhibitions throughout the year.

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  • Gol|Attractions

    Cultural memories - Gol town centre

    A beautiful and protected cultural landscape with Gol church as its focal point. The Stave Church grounds, where Gol Stave Church once lay (now at Norsk Folkemuseum), is also here.


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  • © Ole Helø

    Måbødalen Agricultural Countryside Museum

    Experience a scenery with dramatic contrasts; high mountains and waterfalls. Road-building traditions from the 16th. century up to the present. 21 info-tables have been put up at the most distinctive ...

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  • © Ane Bysheim

    Herand Kulturhistoriske Senter

    The "Reise gjennom 9000 år" exhibition shows the changes in the landscape in Herand from the last ice age up to the last century. The authentic landscape in the area has traces from all periods, from ...

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  • © Skodvin

    Kabuso Art Centre

    NEW - Hardanger Skyspace by the American light artist James Turrell opend 23 September 2016. Kabuso Art Centre has temporary exhibitions, concerts and other arrangements through the year. The Ingebrig...

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  • © Harald Hognerud

    The Art Collection at Tyssedal Hotel

    This historical hotel is home to a spectacular collection of original art. Nils Bergslien, Christian Krogh, Askvold, Adelsten Normann, Morten Müller, Ludvig Shramstad and Hans Dahl are among the artis...

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  • © 1

    Hardanger Art Gallery

    At Mælen farm, the artist Arne Bakke Mælen has built a modern gallery and workshop in traditional building style. Observe the contrast between modern design and old traditions in spectacular surroundi...

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  • Kvam|Attractions

    Hardanger Maritime Museum

    Family friendly maritime museum emphasizing activities and open workshops. You will experience ropemaking, forging and wooden boat building. You can make wooden figures, make ropes, build small boats ...

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  • © Elisabeth Emmerhoff

    Hardanger Folk Museum

    Regional museum for Hardanger, exhibiting Hardanger embroidery, traditional costumes and Norway's largest collection of old Hardanger fiddles. Temporary art exhibitions. Open air museum with historic ...

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  • © DE

    Art Gallery N. Bergslien

    In connection with the Quality Hotel Vøringfoss, Eidfjord has built a superb gallery to house the unique collection of Bergslien paintings. Here is also an opportunity to enjoy art from different arti...

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  • © Terje Rakke


    Idyllic listed hamlet with 30 buildings ranging from the Middle Ages to present-day. The unique court of appeals courtroom and residence was built by the knight and lawmaker Sigurd Brynjulvson Aga aro...

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