Sognefjorden, Nærøyfjorden - Trond Sjemmedal
Let guides who are well-acquainted with the area show you its nature and cultural heritage -or perhaps show you the secret pool where that gigantic fish is to be found.

In the Fjell & Fjord region, mountains, fjords, elk, fly-fishing and adventures in the company of professional competent guides await you. 

Flåm Railway
Discover the Flåm Railway - an incredible train journey from the mountain station Myrdal on the Bergen Railway down to Flåm station nested in the innermost corner of the Aurlandfjord. 
The Rallar Train

Take your children on a enjoyable ride with the Rallar Train in Flåm! 
Cruise on Hardangerfjord
This is as close as youll get to a Norwegian icon; the very Queen of Fjords a true attraction for tourists from all over the world. The Hardanger Fjord can be experienced by boat, ferry, yacht, sailboat or a small fishing boat. 
Cruise on Sognefjord
- a year-round experience. Admire the different fjord arms. 
Guided fly fishing in Hemsedal
Hire your own fly fishing guide who will take you to mountain lakes and rivers. 
Elk safari in Hemsedal
Join us in the hunt for the king of the forest. 
Paint your own memento on ceramic, Vats
Paint your own memento on ceramic at Vats in the municipality of Ål! 
In the footsteps of Eivind the Outlaw, Ål/Hol
An exciting walk and storyteller theatre about Eivind the Outlaw. Walk in his footsteps and immerse yourself in this dramatic story, with the fantastic Reineskarvet as a background drop. 
Cycling at Geilo
Several cycling routes meet at Geilo: Rallarvegen, the Numedal route and the route through Hallingdal to Nesbyen. You are free to choose how far you will cycle. 
FjordSafari on Nærøyfjord
An exciting safari on which you explore the magnificent Nærøyfjord, which is at the top of UNESCOs World Heritage List. Experience the contrasts of high mountains and deep fjords, keep an eye open for seals and sea eagles and perhaps you might even see the huldra

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  • © Folgefonni Breførarlag

    Glacier Trip, personal Glacier Guide

    If you don't want to join one of our daily trips you can get your own glacier guide. Then the trip can be special for you or your group. You decide the date, time, and what to experience, easy walking...

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  • © Desire Westefall @Folgefonni Breførarlag AS

    Blue ice hike, Juklavass Glacier, Folgefonna

    Folgefonni Breførarlag takes you on a walk on one of Norway`s coastal glaciers. If you are physically fit and over 7-8 years of age, Folgefonna breførarlag welcomes you to join them. 2 daily arrangeme...

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  • © Désiré Weststrate

    Folgefonni Glacier Team

    A range of activities in and near Folgefonna National Park. Guided glacier hike at Juklavass glacier, from 7 years old. 4-6 hours,
    from NOK 720,- incl. equipment. Guided hike and ice climbing from Bot...

    Read moreBooking
  • © Sverre Hjørnevik, Fjord Norway

    Bicycle tourism in Hardanger

    The Hardangerfjord route is a part of National cycle route no. 6 between Voss and Leirvik (191 km). Along the route there are many attractions and good places for accommodation and food. www.cyclingno...

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  • Pilagutt, © CH / Innovation Norway


    "Pilagutt" is a brand new Viknes boat perfect for cruises and fishing on the Hardanger Fjord with smaller groups, families or FITs. Capacity: 11 pax. Maximum speed: 20 knots. "Pilagutt" may be charter...

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  • © Hardanger Opplevelse

    Hardanger Opplevelse

    Hardanger Adventures arranges various exciting outdoor adventures and activities for small and large all year round!

    Through our knowledge about nature and outdoor life, and truly enjoying the natur...

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  • © Hardanger Opplevelse

    Hardanger Adventure

    Offering exciting outdoor adventures and activities for small and larger groups all year. Teambuilding  o  Cooperative learning  o  Cooperative play  o  Leadership development  o  Treasure hunt  o  Or...

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  • © Folgefonni Breførarlag, Désiré Weststrate

    Guided hikes on Folgefonna glacier

    This is a trip into a different world. For glacier hikes Hardanger is the perfect place. From Jondal: Folgefonni Glacier Team.

    Folgefonni Glacier Team will take you on a walk on one of Norway`s coast...

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  • © FlatEarth Adventures

    FlatEarth Adventures

    FlatEarth Adventures offers a range of daily activities during the summer season. Choose between: Sea kayaking, 3 hours,  river kayaking, 3 hours, rafting 2,5 hours, white water jump 2 hours, and full...

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