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Norefjell is Oslo’s closest range of high mountains and the perfect destination for holidays and adventures all year round. The Norefjell area is a wonderful destination for active summer holidays, with hill-walking, horse-riding and cycling.

From the top of “Høgevarde” at 1459 metres above sea level, you will find one of the most spectacular views in southern Norway – with clear skies, you can actually see a total of 40,000 square kilometres! You can also enjoy a full range of water sports in the Krøderfjord and surrounding rivers, with swimming, fishing and boating. Or you can choose from a wide range of attractions and adventures: From deep cobalt mines and art exhibitions at the “Blaafarveværket” to “Kunstnerdalen” (the valley of the artists) with its homes of famous Norwegian artists, to “Krøderbanen” a railway museum and old steam trains or the beautiful museum “Villa Fridheim”.

Take a sightseeing trip on the lake “Krøderen” onboard MS “Kryllingen”, or try fishing in the lake. The region has a number of farms and small shops where you can sample local fare. And if you want to see Norwegian bears and other wildlife from Norwegian forests such as moose, wolves and deer, “Vassfaret Bjørnepark” is the place to visit. Norefjell has something for all seasons and ages!


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