Sognefjorden, Nærøyfjorden - Trond Sjemmedal
Aurland, Flåm and Lærdal are a popular tourist destination, where Sognefjord and its scenery are at their most dramatic. Here you can feel at one with nature and culture.

You can participate in exciting nature experiences or just recharge your batteries in peace. Discover the Flåm Railway - an incredible train journey from Flåm by the Aurlandfjord to the mountain station Myrdal on the Bergen Railway. Hike in the valley Aurlandsdalen, well-known for its flora and astonishing landscape. Take a trip along the mountain road between Aurland and Lærdal. Stroll among listed buildings in old Lærdalsøyri. Watch the salmon at the Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre and visist one of Norway's most distinctive stave churches in Borgund.
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