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Aurland offers dramatic scenery; soaring mountains, narrow valleys such as Aurlandsdalen, Flåmsdalen and Nærøydalen. The area offers superb walking opportunities ranging from short, hour-long strolls to hikes lasting several days. Especially popular among walkers is Aurlandsdalen with its fabulous nature and contrasting countryside. The valley is rich in history and packed with cultural monuments. It is an historian's a botanist's and a geologist's dream all rolled into one!

By car or bus to Stondalen. (RV 50 - 20 km from the centre of Aurland) 6 km walk along a cart track to Vassbygdi (about 1,5 hour). Either return by bus or take the bus to Aurland and Flåm.
DNT route from Stondalen to Sinjarheim in Aurlandsdalen, continuing to Østerbø or Vassbygdi or to Myrdal/Hallingskeid.

There is an easy walk from Aurland centre towards Lærdal offering good views. Turn off towards Skjerdal and walk on the road by the fjord to the river Volda. The path continues through forest to Bell farm. Return along the car-road to Aurland centre. The walk takes about 2-3 hours. If you want a longer tour, walk along the fjord to Skjerdal. From there you can take the farm track into the valley as far as you like. Walk the path from Volda to Bell farm on the way back.

An easy 3-4 hours walk with many fine views. Cross the bridge to the petrol station and continue to the Flåm junction. Take the farm track to Vikesland. From Vikesland by forest track and path to Hovdungo. Down again to Sele and on to either Lie farm or Vikesland and Aurland centre. You may even drive to Vikesland - the return journey to Hovdungo would then be 2-3 hours.

This 4-6 hours walk is classed as fairly easy; some hills, good views. Take the Hol/Oslo (RV. 50) road to Lunde Camping. Pass the roundabout and
continue a few hundred metres, then take the path to Turlid past Turlidfossen (Waterfall) to the main road from Lærdal (Fv. 243). Walk to Stegastein lookout and return by the same route or the car road.

To get to the Prest summit, take the main road past Bjørgo farm to the blue cabin/parkingground. Steep path up to Prestevarden (1363 m) - panorama - 2-3 hours round trip. You may also drive to the marked path 10 km from Aurland centre.

Along "Aurlandsvegen" about 10 km from the centre of Aurland - parkingground next to "the blue cabin" (same startingpoint as the hikingpath to Prest)
After about 10 min panoramaview overlooking the Aurlandsfjord. Unmarked path to the left in direction the radio antenna - follow the path back to the startingpoint. Duration: 30-45 min.

Follow the railway to Vatnahalsen or Myrdal. Walk along the old construction road to Flåm. The walk takes 4-5 hours. If you want a shorter walk for example 2-2,5 hours, enter the train at Berekvam station. Construction road from Vatnahalsen to Finse. DNT trail to Stondalen. Marked DNT- paths from Hallingskeid to Geiterygghytta, Ulvik and Upsete.

A steep path from the carroad Gudvangen-Bakka.
500 metres after the church at Bakka.
Panoramic view overlooking the Nærøyfjord.
Same course back to the starting point. 4 hours.
Map: Nærøyfjord 1:50000.

UPSETE - from July?
Take the train from Flåm to Myrdal or Upsete. DNT routes from Upsete to Grindaflethytta and on to Undredal (Langhuso), Flåm or Stalheim. By bus back to Flåm from Stalheim-Langhuso. From Langhuso you can walk to Undredal (6 km) and take a boat from there. 1st day Upsete-Grindafletehytta. 2nd day Grindefletehytta -Flåm/Stalheim/Langhuso.

Senic hike to Nåli, Kongevegen, Brekkedalen and to the foot of Sivlefossen waterfall near the monument "Stalheimskleivi".

The Royal post route from Styvi to Bleiklindi is part of the postal network between Oslo and Bergen. The road was used from as early as 1660 AD until the arrival of steamships in 1860. Take the boat to Styvi and walk to Bleiklindi and back. Return by boat to Gudvangen or Aurland/Flåm. The walk is 5 km long (each way) and takes around 2 hours.


Four-day walking tour through Aurlandsdalen.
Each section is also suitable as a single day tour.

1. Finse-Geiterygghytta, 5 hours - from July
Cross the railway at the station, continue along the western side of Jomfrunut and over the Finseåni river bridge. A short detour to St. Paul (named by Lord Garvagh) is a must. Spectacular views over Gausta, Hardangerjøkulen and parts of Jotunheimen. The route continues towards Bakkahelleren. On the way you pass an old animal hunting pit. Continue along the south bank of the river to Geiterygghytta - Mountain Lodge.

2. Geiterygghytta-Stemmerdalen, 3 hours
Follow the path up from the construction road north of the lodge and ascend the west side of Sundhellerskarvet. Here the path forks off to Kongshelleren and Iungsdalen. The path to Steinbergdashytta continues northwards and cross Rausdalen. Another climb west of Bolhovd to Breibakka. Magnificent view over Stemmerdalen. The path desends diagonally along the mountain side to Steinbergdalhytta - Mountain Lodge.

3. Stemmerdalen-Østerbø, 4 hours
Rejoin the path up the slope north of the Lodge and continue the ascent. Fine view over Stemmerdalen. The path joins an old route by Grøna dam. Continue over the Grøna river bridge, up past Grønestølen and down to Østerbø Fjellstove and Østerbø Turisthytte - Mountain Lodges.

4. Østerbø-Vassbygdi, 6 hours - from the end of May
This section of the valley is famous. Past the old cemetery and over the Langedøla bridge; continue past Viki to the once notorious Nesbøgalden (this was a system of ramshackle vertical and horizontal ladders fastened to cracks in the rock). Now a wide pathway has been blasted into the cliff face along the Nesbø-vatnet. The path continues past picturesque Nesbø to a fork at Tirtesva. The orginal route is now restored and it provides much better views than the path along the river.Handrails and steps assist the steep descent from Bjønnstigvarden.
The walk continues past Svartatjødn. We recommend a visit to the "Vetlahelvete" cave to the west of the path. Descend once again to the river, and walk to the bridge over the Veiverdalselvi river. Ascend to Sinjarheim farm (now fully restored having been closed since 1921). On the way you pass the tiny Almen farm situated beneath a towering rock overhang. Continue along the river to Belle in Vassbygdi.
Road/ bus connection to Aurland/Flåm, Voss/Bergen and eastwards via Østerbø to Steinbergdalen, Hol, Ål and Geilo.
Train connection to Oslo/Bergen.

Alternative transport:
- Finse by train.
- Bus/car to Vassbygdi - Bus to Østerbø-Steinbergdalen-Geiteryggen.
- Bus from Flåm and Aurland to Vassbygdi - walk up the valley -
or bus to Østerbø-Steinbergdalen-Geiteryggen - walk down the valley.
- Bus from Vassbygdi to Aurland/ Flåm, Voss/Bergen, Østerbø, Steinbergdalen, Geiteryggen, Hol, Ål and Geilo.
- Train connection to Oslo and Bergen.

Stroll around Flåm
There are a number of easy walks around Flåm centre. A map with information about these is available from the Tourist Office.
Also other short walks in our area. Hiking-brochures for Aurland-Flåm-Lærdal.

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